B Watson Legal, LLC offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional legal services. Rather than maintain a physical law office, we come to you. Meetings occur in your home or over video conferencing, email or even text message. These virtual services also include secure digital access to your legal file. You will feel informed and in-the-loop when B Watson Legal represents you.

Our practice areas include bankruptcy, debt defense, family-based immigration, personal injury, foreclosure defense, tax defense, and notary services. All these matters feature the accessibility that is the foundation of our firm’s values. If you are facing challenges but injury or infirmary keeps you at home, our attorney can come to you. When your budget proves to be the most challenging barrier to securing legal representation, we offer payment plans. Each case is managed within your needs.

B Watson Legal, LLC is located in Metairie, Louisiana and serves South Louisiana. If you need helpful and accessible legal services, contact us today to arrange for a visit or teleconference and learn what we offer you.